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Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If you think your carpets need to be replaced, we urge you to give us a call! We have rescued several carpets that looked overused and matted. Many of the products you buy at the store will actualy lock in the stain. There is a small window of time when these products do work. However, if not completely cleaned from the fibers of your carpet will create a residue that locks the stain into the fiber.

We use steam and environmentally safe cleaning agents to remove these stains. We have several products for all of your different stains - red stains, pet stains, etc. None of which leave a residue that will cause the fiber to become rigid and permanently stained. We take our time and evaluate which is best for your soiled carpet and upholstery. Our cleanings always end with a final sweep of just steam to pull the remaining cleaner from the fibers. We offer scotchguard as a way to prevent future stains to the same area.


Residential Carpet Cleaning Packages

Most people only notice the condition of their carpet when something horrific happens such as a puppy having accidents or a wine spill over the holidays. However, we at Midwest urge you to get your carpets cleaned regularly. We offer packages from 3x-12x a year for residents. Highly recommended for those of you who have pets or small children. Most of the Midwest Crew has pets and children. Now, it may be more convenient since we can do our own, BUT you'd be amazed what we find.. Cheerios.. Mud.. Bits of Crayon.. Who knows what's living in there with them?! Come let us do your cleaning once, and we can help you find the plan that fits your lifestyle and your budget. Call Now!


Commercial Carpet Cleaning Packages

Restaurants and Day Cares, you need it the most. Namely, for the same reason we need it in our homes. People spill, germs are tracked in, and with waiters serving or toddlers crawling, these things make their way further into the carpet. Our regular cleanings can keep these environments much more sanitary. Keeping your customers and more importantly your staff healthity.

Libraries, stores, offices, and anywhere with a lot of foot traffic should keep in mind that having regular cleanings improves the overall indoor air quality as well as keeps the carpet from getting matted and smashed down, defining those walkways and limiting the rearrangement of the space. Regular cleaning keeps this from happening and helps your carpet last. Call Now!


Residential and Commercial Duct Cleaning

Having trouble breathing? Just built a house? Bringing home a new baby? Duct Cleaning is another service we offer separately or in conjunction with Carpet Cleaning. Duct Cleaning is essential for people with allergies, asthma, or COPD. It literally cleans and sanitizes the air filtration system in your home. We use a roto brush to clean your vents, your returns, all the way to your trunk lines. In this, we also clean your dryer vent. Having clean air to breathe is part of keeping your living (or working) environment clean as well as yourself healthy.

Duct Cleaning can be included with Carpet Cleaning at a discounted rate!


Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Restoration, and Cleaning

Midwest Carpet and Duct Cleaning also does hardwood floors... Even better, we provide our estimates for Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Restoration with a Duct Cleaning included. When you strip down a floor, you release a flood of chemicals and wood chips into the air. Those particles head straight for your air returns. We have a system that prevents this from happening in the first place, while also providing the back up duct cleaning to be sure your are left with beautiful floors and a clean environment. Call Now!


Tile and Grout Restoration and Cleaning

Our newest and by far most impressive service is our tile and grout restoration and cleaning. We may not be able to repair a tile itself, but we sure can keep the grout looking white! Next time you visit a restaurant bathroom, look at the joint between the wall and the floor in the bathroom. Most likely you will notice that there is white grout between the tiles on the walls and black or a dark gray between the tiles on the floor. Sorry to say, those were once the same color. This happens all the time and it is not because the bathrooms are dirty. Well, they could be, but most likely this is because they are maintaining the cleanliness simply by moping. Moping with disinfectant is great for bacteria, but it isn't preventing the discoloration of the grout. Curious how we can restore your tile and grout to its original condition? Call Now!

For an estimate, please call 618-719-7741 or in Missouri, 314-222-0338

To reach the owner, please call 618-910-8376 or in Missouri, 314-594-1405





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