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Published: March 31, 2017

Duct Cleaning St. Louis MO: Prevent Allergies!!

Duct Cleaning should be part of your allergy treatmentduct-cleaning-st-louis-mo

Do your vents look like this?

Or worse, this?


Get them cleaned!!

The first two pictures everything you are breathing in.. And in St. Louis, having allergies or sinus issues is rough enough. Many medical physicians are missing this one small thing that could help you live happier in your home. Shots, pills, antihistamines, etc. All kinds of chemicals to help you mask your symptoms.

Here's 5 reasons getting your ducts cleaned should be part of your allergy treatment:

  1. There is a good chance the dirt in your vents is as old as your home.
  2. All of that dust and dirt is cycling through the air you are breathing.
  3. If the previous owners smoked or had pets, you are breathing that in too.
  4. Contaminated air is a big part of the green building certifications proposed by the USGBC. Science has linked poor air quality to not only your sniffles and puffy eyes but asthma and fatigue.
  5. We sanitize your ducts from top to bottom after cleaning killing the left over bacteria and allergens living in your ducts.

Duct Cleaning St. Louis MO: How does that work?

We come out and evaluate your system's current situation. We walk you through the process and how it will specifically happen in your home. After that, we schedule your appointment with keeping in mind that the system has to be shut off while cleaning. The duct cleaning process is fairly intensive:

  1. We remove your vents. Clean those and the entry to the ductwork.
  2. We use a roto-brush extractor to bring the dirt out of the vents and into a contained vacuum. The way our equipment works, you don't have to worry about excess dirt from cleaning flying all around your home.
  3. Push the remaining dust and dirt into the truckline.
  4. Clean the truckline all the way back to your furnace.
  5. Finish by sanitizing the entire system.

Additionally, we can clean your coils and your dryer vent at the same time as these are the number one cause of house fires.

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