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Published: January 25, 2021

A Complete Guide to Carpet Maintenance

Keeping beautiful carpet - and rugs depends entirely on how you care for it! Properly cleaning your carpet will keep it looking great as well as improve your indoor air quality and keep your carpet warranties intact.

Just like you wouldn't buy an appliance without an Energy Star Rating, you shouldn't purchase a carpet cleaning product without a CRI Seal of Approval. The CRI Seal of Approval Program helps you easily identify effective carpet cleaning solutions, equipment, and service providers that clean carpet without fear of faster re-soiling, stains reappearing, or damage to your carpet or living environment.

Four Steps for Proper Carpet Care:

First, Vacuum

Regular vacuuming with CRI Approved vacuums means

  • Weekly vacuuming in high traffic areas - more often for busy spaces such as day cares, stores, etc.
  • Bi-Weekly to monthly cleaning under movable furniture

Vacuums approved by the CRI Seal of Approval are listed here.

Second, Stop Dirt at the Door

Use outside the door mats, inside the door mats, and other walk off materials such as tiled entry way or hardwood entrance foyer to protect your carpeted area. For great deals on rugs, check out this link.

Additionally, wipe your shoes, wipe your pet's paws, and all else fails, get a rug like this for the front door:

shoes, off bitches
To order this rug, click here.

Third, Clean Spots and Spills Quickly

Clean spills and spots quickly with products that will not damage your carpet and cause it to resoil quicker. Just because it is marked for carpet cleaning does not mean that it is safe for your carpet. We have learnt this lesson over the years with our personal care products.

There are thousands of articles and broadcasts devoted to warning you about parabens in your hair care products... Why aren't there articles about caring for the carpet we walk on barefoot daily?? Check this list to see if your products make the cut!

Fourth, Professional Deep Clean

Did you know that it is required to get your carpets cleaned professionally every 12-18 months to maintain warranties on your carpet? Well, you do now! They put this in the small print to trick ya! Just kidding. It's in a variety of sizes, fonts, and sections of the warranties. We as consumers just don't read the entire thing because, well, it's time consuming, and we want to believe our salesman told us all we needed to know.

Who do you use professionally? If it isn't us, we're obviously deeply offended (Just kidding! - Kind of...) But if it isn't us, check to see if they at least use a CRI Approved System and if their technicians are trained through an approved IICRC program. Just because a company has a big name, does not always mean they are following all the rules!

As always, if you are interested in carpet cleaning or ready to try a new carpet cleaner, give us a shout for a free estimate! 618-910-8376

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