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How Often Should I have my Tile Floor Cleaned?

For tile and grout cleaning, many factors must be considered, as they are for carpeting. How often you should clean your tile and grout depends on foot traffic, children, pets, and routine floor maintenance.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

It can be difficult to clean tile floors by hand. Getting the deep clean that comes from professional grout and tile cleaning can be messy, uncomfortable, and impossible.
A regular mopping won't remove the hidden dirt in your grout lines since it won't reach the pores. Dirt, grime, and spills collect on grout's porous surface, often discoloring it.
In order to remove the hidden dirt from your tile and grout, we use our proprietary hot water extraction method of cleaning. You'll also get 96.5% of allergens removed from your grout.


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What are the benefits of tile and grout cleaning?

How often should I clean my tile and grout?

What are the different factors that should be considered when cleaning tile and grout?

What is the best time to clean my tile and grout?

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Hard surfaces come back to life with our services.

Residential and Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning


Regardless of the type of tile or the size of the room, we can restore the tile and grout in your business to pristine condition.

For both commercial and residential cleaning services, we use the same tile and grout cleaning method. In order to ensure that we use the right cleaning method, we begin by inspecting your tile floor. Using our tile cleaning equipment, we will inject hot water onto and into your tiles and grout, while simultaneously pulling out dirt and allergens.

To keep the grout cleaner longer, you can add a color sealer to the grout. A color seal prevents dirt from collecting in your grout by acting as a protective barrier.


How we clean tile and grout?

As part of our tile and grout cleaning service, our technicians examine your floor to determine the best method of cleaning. Your tile will be examined to see if there are any areas in which the grout is damaged.

In addition, we scrub the grout between each tile with a pH-balanced cleaning solution as part of your tile and grout cleaning service. Grout pores trap dirt from the ground, so doing this releases the dirt.

As a second step, we clean tile and grout with our tile and grout cleaning machines. By forcing hot water into your tile and grout, these machines remove dirt from these surfaces.
To ensure your satisfaction after your tile has been cleaned, we will inspect the tile and grout with you. Our technicians can also clean other floors during your appointment.

You will have dry tiles and grout within hours.
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