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Midwest Carpet Cleaning Plus LLC, including its affiliated partnerships, (collectively, Midwest Carpet Cleaning Plus LLC), provides legal services to clients worldwide and is committed to protecting the privacy of confidential and "Personal Information" (data that identifies individuals such as clients, staff, agents, lawyers, law students, job applicants or others). Lawyers and their associated personnel are required by the rules of professional conduct to protect and preserve confidential client information. This has always been Midwest Carpet Cleaning Plus LLC's policy.

We have based this Privacy Statement and Cookie Policy (the "Statement") on privacy and data protection principles common to the countries in which we operate. It is based upon our overarching obligation to comply with the law, to maintain client confidentiality, and to provide our clients with the best representation possible within the bounds of the law. To summarize Midwest Carpet Cleaning Plus LLC's data protection practices generally, and to inform our clients, potential law students, applicants for positions, website visitors, and other third parties about Midwest Carpet Cleaning Plus LLC's privacy policies that may apply to them.

Midwest Carpet Cleaning Plus LLC's Privacy Statement also applies to parties outside Midwest Carpet Cleaning Plus LLC who provide Personal Information to Midwest Carpet Cleaning Plus LLC, who visit or use our websites, our apps, our social media sites, our extranets, and who receive email messages containing links to this statement (collectively, the "Internet Services"). As part of providing legal services and using Internet services, Midwest Carpet Cleaning Plus LLC also collects, processes, and discloses Personal Information.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Visitors to Midwest Carpet Cleaning Plus LLC's website and Internet users provide personal information as part of requesting legal services from Midwest Carpet Cleaning Plus LLC. In addition to the information we collect from you when you use social media sites, we may collect information automatically from third parties that contains Personal Information as described in the cookie policy.

Whenever it is in our legitimate interest to use the Personal Information, we may do so for the following purposes:

You will be contacted and your inquiries will be responded to
Our Internet Services are designed to help you while you use them and to personalize your visit and use
as well as monitor, analyze, and manage every aspect of our website operations
to ensure that recruitment and selection are conducted effectively.
If you become our client or if you are already a client, we will deal with you on your behalf, as well as handle the matters you instruct us to handle,
We may contact you (unless you tell us not to) regarding legal or law firm developments that may be of interest to you. In electronic marketing communications, you can unsubscribe if you do not want to receive information about events or seminars, which we consider relevant to you.
to conclude and execute contracts.

Confidentiality, Security, and Retention of Personal Information

Midwest Carpet Cleaning Plus LLC has always exercised the utmost discretion with regard to the information that we receive from our clients in keeping with our professional obligations.

Physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards are in place, though they are not infallible, to protect the privacy of Personal Information, such as information on this website and information obtained via other Internet services. The effectiveness of our safeguards cannot be guaranteed.

The Company requires consultants, suppliers, and vendors to maintain data protections in accordance with reasonable and appropriate obligations of data processors, including, where applicable, the EU's data protection laws and regulations.

The information you provide us, including Personal Information, may be retained for as long as needed to comply with our legal obligations or for as long as necessary to achieve the original purposes for which the information was collected and for the purposes described in our policies. Please refer to the "Contact Us" section below for more information on our information practices.

Disclosure and Transfer of Personal Information

Outside of Midwest Carpet Cleaning Plus LLC, we do not disclose any Personal Information except in limited circumstances. We may disclose your personal information when it is legally required, in order to provide the service that you have requested, or in other cases as required or permitted by law, or as prescribed or directed by you. Regulatory officials and law enforcement officials may receive Personal Information from us when required or permitted by law or when it is in our professional interest to provide such information to them, such as during investigations or when asserting legal defenses or for compliance purposes.

The international firm we are operates systems that allow our offices around the world to access data related to your matters and often share client data, including your Personal Information, between them.

Cookie Policy

Your web browser places a cookie on your computer when it receives a message from a web server. You can divide cookies into session cookies and persistent cookies. A session cookie's primary difference from a persistent cookie is that it is temporary and expires, and it is normally deleted when your browser is closed. Unlike temporary cookies, persistent cookies remain on your computer after closing your browser until they are deleted either as a result of their expiration or by your deletion. With respect to its Internet Services, Midwest Carpet Cleaning Plus LLC uses session cookies. However, registration for Internet Services like our client extranets requires persistent cookies, including a Region Code cookie that enables us to direct you to the correct website version over time.

To understand behavior on the Internet, cookies are often combined with other Internet technologies, such as web beacons. Web beacons and cookies are used by Midwest Carpet Cleaning Plus LLC to determine the number of unique users who have visited a particular page on our Internet Services. Similarly, tracking scripts recognizing unique cookies issued by another website may be used or we may receive reports from them. Midwest Carpet Cleaning Plus LLC does not collect any personal information about you other than what you choose to provide to us via the tracking scripts unless you specifically request it.

Midwest Carpet Cleaning Plus LLC uses cookies to provide Internet services. Session cookies are used by Midwest Carpet Cleaning Plus LLC to provide you with customized features, such as the ability to highlight recently viewed items, remember your language preferences, and track your activities. Additionally, a Region Code cookie keeps track of your location over time, ensuring that you are directed to the appropriate version of our website.

We do not permit third parties to use Personal Information about users of our Internet Services, although we use the services of third parties to administer these cookies.

Using our Internet Services does not require the use of any of these cookies. Although some parts of the Internet Services may work differently depending on your browser settings, you can reset your browser to reject all cookies or to alert you when a cookie is set. As long as you have not changed your browser settings to refuse cookies, our Internet Services will issue cookies when you login to the browser to reject cookies.out managing your cookies preferences, you should use the "help" menu of your web browser or explore the customer support sections of your web browser. If you wish to opt-out or block some or all cookies, you must configure each browser on each device you use. Please click here to visit the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) website if you do not wish to receive advertising cookies. You can also click here for the website of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA).

Do Not Track Signals

You can tell website operators that you do not want your online activities tracked by using the Do Not Track settings on your browser. No difference is made between the behavior of our websites if these "Do Not Track" signals are turned on or off. For their own purposes, we do not permit any third parties to collect Personal Information about your online activities through time or across websites using our Internet Services.


We do not collect, maintain, or process personal information from minors under 18 years of age via our Internet Services out of respect for their privacy. Firm will only collect Personal Information about minors where collecting such information is necessary to fulfill one of the purposes mentioned in the Statement or as otherwise permitted by law.

Your California Privacy Rights

The California Consumer Privacy Act, Section 1798.100 (California Civil Code), provides certain rights to California residents regarding the protection of their personal information. The following rights, though restricted and/or limited, may apply: (i) the right to disclosure, deletion, access, and non-discrimination; and (ii) the right to opt-out of the sharing or selling of your Personal Information. Your Personal Information is never sold or shared without your consent with third-party companies for their direct marketing purposes. Use the "Contact Us" section below to submit your request to exercise your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Identifiers, Customer Information described in California Customer Records statute (Cal. Civ. Code * 1798.80(e)), and other categories of Personal Information that have been defined under the Act which we may collect, receive, or maintain in the course of administering firm operations. California and federal law protect classification characteristics, commercial information, biometric information, Internet or other electronic network activity, geolocation data, sensory data, employment or career information, nonpublic education information, and inferences drawn from other personal information.

Your European Union (EU) and United Kingdom (UK) Data Protection Rights

There are certain data protection rights covered by EU and UK data protection laws (UK GDPR/2018 Data Protection Act as well as EU GDPR), which include (i) the right to request access and (ii) the right to request rectification of your Personal Information. As well as having the right to object to our valid interest or direct marketing, you may also have the right to object to the processing of your Personal Information. Using our contact form, please notify us of any requests you wish to make under this Privacy Policy. A person may also file a complaint with their local data protection authority if they are not satisfied with the way their Personal Information is processed.


The Statement may be changed without prior notice at any time. Midwest Carpet Cleaning Plus LLC may notify this website and relevant Internet Services if any new internet policy is enacted.

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