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Published: January 9, 2018

Is Your Carpet Under Warranty?

Is Your Carpet Under Warranty?


Did you just recently purchase carpet? Did the salesman talk to you about a warranty? Did you READ the warranty? Part of a general carpet cleaning warranty is having your carpets professionally cared for. And not by a rug doctor or a run of the mill cleaner from a big box store. You have to have to use someone that is certified to clean professionally. We are able to do that for you!

Midwest and Carpet Warranties.

Midwest prides themselves on being the best. And part of being the best is having the proper education and understanding what sets us apart big companies like Sears and Woodard. What sets us apart is our technicians. Our technicians have gone through the proper training to know how to use the cleaning agents and equipment properly. Additionally, our techs have been trained to communicate the proper cleaning techniques to you, the customer.

Midwest wants to help you understand your carpet warranty and how to keep it whether you are a residential or commercial customer. Talk to a tech today about setting up the regular scheduled cleaning and getting proper documentation for your warranty.

After the Carpet Warranty...

In addition, we recommend that even after the warranty has expired, you maintain a proper cleaning schedule. This could be the difference between a rug that lasts for 5 years and one that lasts for 50 years. We clean some carpets that have been in commercial spaces for longer than you can imagine. We have multiple bowling alleys in the area that have had the same carpet for 50+ years, and it's STILL looking brand new thanks to regular cleaning. If that can happen in a commercial space with that much oil, just think what we can do for the carpet in your home!

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