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Published: June 9, 2017

Cat Urine Removal by Midwest Carpet and Duct Cleaning

Cat Urine Removal by Midwest Carpet and Duct Cleaning

Cats are cute and are great pets. However, litterbox training them as kittens and sometimes even as adults can be difficult. And, cat urine is the worst to remove.


Cat urine is not only hard to get out of carpet but the carpet pad as well. In some cases if not treated right away, it can sink into your subfloor causing the smell of cat urine to live inside your home no matter what you do! cat-urine-in-wood

What can Midwest do about Cat Urine?

At Midwest Carpet and Duct Cleaning, we are able to extract the urine before it gets to the subfloor while we remove the pee without damaging your carpet or carpet pad. Our process is uses a piece of equipment called the claw. We place the claw over the stain and pump cleaner and scolding hot water through to flush the stain out.

Our cleaning agents are environmentally friendly so it will not be harmful for your pets to lay in the area after.

The only catch is some cat urine stains set further than others. At Midwest, we are happy to treat the stain again and again until you are happy with the outcome.

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