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Published: November 15, 2017

Dirty Carpet on Stairs isn't just "Part of Daily Wear."


Dirty Carpet on Stairs isn't just "Part of Daily Wear"

Having an issue in your home or office dirty carpet on stairs from shoes and traffic? Well, if you are in an office you can't really just ask patients or clients to kick off their shoes before entering. And even if you do this at home, you can't help when someone has dirty feet. Some of you might say "that's why we ripped the carpet out" or "that's why we put in darker carpet". We say "We have a better solution. Regular cleaning of those dirty carpets."

I agree. Hardwood Stairs look beautiful in a home. I'd love to have them in my home, but kids, animals, moving furniture up and down, etc. destroys those beautiful, expensive stairs (We have solutions for that too ;)). And as you can see we know that it can appear to destroy your carpet as well. However, it doesn't, and this picture is proof that our guys (Ryan and Ian in this case) are trained to treat and reveal the natural state and beauty of your carpets. Light or dark in color.

Dirty carpet on stairs is not just a light colored carpet issue. We ALL know that. If this carpet was brown, black, multi-colored even, the dirty carpet is still there. You just don't see it as clearly. Matter of fact, that's worse. That could be toxic grease or oil or asphalt getting on your feet, hands of your children, pets daily. Also, it's being squished down into the pad. And if it's liquid, that means absorbed into your pad and subfloor. So when you finally do have us clean it, the carpet and even the pad could be salvaged. But you could be compromising your subfloor and structure of your home.

How regularly should you clean the dirty carpet on your stairs?

We are going to be completely honest here. There is no set rule. Talk to us. Tell us about the stains and issues that are making the dirty carpets on your stairs and throughout your home. We will help you find the right cleaning plan that maintains your carpet and doesn't kill your wallet.


Hope to hear from you soon,

Eric Frierdich, Owner & the Staff at Midwest

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