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Published: January 10, 2020

Have you ever had to deal with an insurance claim?

Insurance Claims = Nightmares.

No, we are not talking Obamacare... Remember, we said we don't discuss politics around here! We are talking about Home Insurance Claims. Yes, even more of a nightmare! *Que horror movie music.

Just a short disclaimer to our readers IN the insurance business, we aren't attacking you. Keep reading. We actually want to make your life more simple too.

That's right, Midwest has chosen to train ourselves to be the middle man when it comes to an insurance claim.

Midwest, You, and Your Insurance Claim (or Claimee).

Life is always better with friends. And we aim to be your friend when it comes to your home insurance claim. Let's set up the scenario:

You come home from work and your basement is knee deep in water.

"What happened?"

"How do we clean this up?"

"Were my pictures in there?"

These are just a few questions that may go through your mind before you ever think "Call the insurance agent. See if we are covered." Because generally there first question is going to be "How did it happen?". That's where we come in.

Your first call should be Midwest.

Or a company like Midwest. But since your on our page reading this, jot down our number real quick: 618-910-8376 or 314-594-1405 - Available day and night, seven days a week :).

Why are we your first call? Simple. We can a) suck up the water quickly. b) assess your damage, and c) tell you the source of water - all 3 components that are necessary to file your insurance claim!

Now you're probably thinking...

"Well that's great. But I still have to make an Insurance Claim."

Yea, maybe? We can look at the situation and give you an out of pocket estimate. OR we can hang around while you can Jake at State Farm and help you guys work together to get it covered.

Remember back in middle school how much easier group projects were when everyone pulled their weight? An Insurance Claim goes just as smoothly if we all play our parts as well.

"What is your part" you ask?

Your part is to put us in touch with the agent and adjuster (one call. Real simple.). Then, to figure out if that was great grandma's china that was lost in the cardboard box or just simply the left over decorations from little johnny's 3rd birthday.

What does the Agent and Adjuster do?

Well your agent is the starting point. They let you know if the source of the water was covered in your policy. Then get your the insurance claim information and get the overarching company to assign an adjuster.

The adjuster then comes out and verifies that when we said the basement was 30'-0" by 20'-0" and there was 100 cardboard boxes damaged that we weren't padding those numbers. Then when the project's all said and done, they collect the information from us and get you a check written to you and us.

What do we do?

We clean up the water, the damage, send the paperwork to the adjuster, communicate with them and the agent, so you get the insurance payout necessary to put your house back in working order. And after you sign your certificate of satisfaction, we invoice you which is then paid with said check from the insurance adjuster.

In a perfect world, we part ways and see each other again for regular carpet clean - just kidding. (But not really)

So TADA! That is how Midwest can be your ally in an Insurance Claim.

Seriously tho folks, if you have ever been through the process it's a lot of hard work on all ends. Don't try to project manage your insurance claim alone. We are certified to mitigate and have a trained adjuster on staff. I wouldn't put my home in the hands of anyone else.

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