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Published: January 17, 2020

How do I get _______ out of Carpet?

Too often, we here that our prices are a little out of budget for some of our friends So here is some quick tips to get some regular spills out of your carpet.

How to get Juice out of Carpet.

With the kids being off on Monday, let's start with Juice.

  1. Blot the juice with a dry paper towel. Water will spread the liquid that is on the surface, so make sure that is all soaked up first.
  2. Spray the area with warm-ish water. Not hot. Hot sets stains.
  3. Blot with dry paper towel again. Go in a circle and change the towel regularly to judge how much color is coming up.
  4. Use 1/4 teaspoon of spot out in the spray bottle and re-wet the area. Blot some more. (Don't have spot out? Call us. Do not, I repeat do not use a random store brand. If you have something in your cleaning closet, call us. We won't lie to you about it's ability to set or lift stains.)
  5. Walk away for a little bit. You angrily blotting at it will not make it better. It needs to dry for a few hours before you go back to blotting.
  6. Repeat until stain is not visible.

How to get Coffee out of Carpet.

If you are like me, while the kid is drinking juice you're pounding coffee to try to must even a fraction of their energy to play all day. And if your house is like mine, someone is going to bump your arm and sling that coffee - not on the tile, too easy - right on the carpet.

  1. Again, blot the excess liquid.
  2. For black coffee, grab the laundry detergent and get a little on a sponge.
  3. Gently rub the area in a circular motion, and the coffee will gradually come out of the carpet.
  4. If the coffee has anything else in it, mix the detergent with equal part vinegar and equal part water, and give it another whirl.

The above works for getting tea out of carpet also.

How to get Pizza Grease out of Carpet.

Food stains can be removed like Juice and Coffee Stains so see above. But to be honest, food breeds way more bacteria than beverages typically, so we really recommend a steam cleaning.

How to get Nail Polish out of Carpet.

You or them, doesn't matter. Grab the hair spray and give it a sprits.

  1. Actually more like 20 sprays of hair spray. Follow that up with about 3 cap fulls of rubbing alcohol.
  2. Grab the toothbrush you use for laundry stains and scrub that spot alternating between scrubbing and splashing it with cold water. Stress on the cold.
  3. Repeat.

For red related colors, we recommend drying fully. THEN laying a wet towel down and heating it with an iron. This will lift the remaining red onto the towel so be sure it's not the good towels.

How to get Wine out of Carpet.

And when they are finally in bed, unwind with a glass of wine. And when the 3rd glass hits a little too rough and you spill a little...

  1. Blot. Yet again. Blot.
  2. In a bottle mix 2 cups warm water, one tablespoon white vinegar, and one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid - yes, Dawn.
  3. Spray on your sponge. Mixing in a Bowl and Dipping the Sponge works too.
  4. Blot until stain is gone!

Anything else you need out of your carpet? Call us. We will either have a simple solution or be able to make an accommodation to help with your needs!

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