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Published: December 15, 2021

Nasty Crawlspace?

Taking care of your hanging space will help you avoid unnecessary renovations and make your living space healthier. You can also install sump pumps and think about more efficient drainage systems, depending on your climate, needs and budget.    Show Source Texts

Existing Pipes Existing pipes, electrical cables and the air conditioner will not need to be moved to install our system. CleanSpaceA (r) protects your home from moisture. CleanSpaceA (r) is installed around the support beams in this basement. Poor storage space. This space is used by the homeowner for storage.    Show Source Texts

Impregnated insulation. This insulation fell from the ceiling of the room and is visibly saturated with water. Moisture on the wall This image shows moisture accumulated on the back wall.    Show Source Texts

When this happens, moisture can seep into the foundation and become a breeding ground for mold or wood rot. Both can negatively affect your home, including the structural integrity of your foundation.    Show Source Texts

Water protection can include encapsulation, which basically covers the entire crawl space with a protective material that helps protect the structure and keep moisture out. By connecting the creeper foundation vapor barrier system to the waterproofing system, moisture and water can be removed from the underground before it causes problems, that is, the disappearance of mold, odor, rot, rust, insects, rodents and more. moisture or moisture problems. With a bypass space vapor barrier at least 20 mil thick, you can ensure that water vapor does not enter the bypass space, and will also make it easier for you to enter the bypass space for any reason.    Show Source Texts

You want the sliders in your home to be protected to the greatest extent; the extremely thin vapor barrier in the crawl space is likely to burst and allow water vapor to pass through. It is best to fill the bypass space with a durable coating, such as the CleanSpace vapor barrier from Basement Systems, which helps trap moisture, radon gas, and odors. You need a way to ensure that water vapor stays underground and does not rise into the crawl space, where condensed water can accumulate on the floor joists and cause serious problems such as mold and mildew. Moisture and condensation are extremely harmful to the crawl space, but if you have a messy crawl space, you can basically guarantee that it will have very high humidity and can become condensation.    Show Source Texts

In its simplest form, this is due to the fact that it is impossible to completely dry out the dirt under the house. You can dry out the top layer of dirt, but there will still be a lot of moisture underneath. This is due to the fact that when the air humidity and humidity rises, dirt will rise from the basement, and microscopic dirt particles will rise in the rest of the house.    Show Source Texts

This means moisture, mold, dust, and pathogens can enter your home where you breathe them. Poor air quality can worsen allergies, asthma, and breathing problems. According to AFS, up to 50% of indoor air enters from the bottom into spaces such as sliders and even the basement. But even if you don't have mold, moisture inside your home through places like crawling spaces can cause asthma attacks and other upper and lower respiratory problems.    Show Source Texts

But beyond the obvious desire not to wade through a puddle of muddy crawling space, humidity can cause some really nasty problems. Whether it's standing water from a storm or just a dirty floor, moisture evaporation can damage wood and insulation and eventually infiltrate your home. Mold creates a musty smell throughout your home that will recur when the humidity and temperature are optimal.    Show Source Texts

You will need to remove standing water (this can be done with sedimentation tanks) and then move on to removing mold by removing mold from any surface.    Show Source Texts

Be sure to secure the seams so that no moisture or air can pass through, or the waterproof membrane will be ineffective. Installing waterproof barriers in a continuous series always works better, and don't worry about any small holes when installing the barrier, they only allow a small amount of moisture to pass through.    Show Source Texts

If you choose solutions such as a dehumidifier, the air quality throughout your home will improve dramatically. Without it, moisture and mold can build up, adversely affecting indoor air quality and overall insulation. Since the area is inherently damp, the use of spray foam insulation can introduce moisture between the foam and the wall to which it is attached.    Show Source Texts

Every summer, the open vents will introduce a huge amount of moisture into the underground. Air from the lower floors of the house rises to the upper levels of the house, which makes the indoor air rather unpleasant when you think about it. Because of this, anything in the air at the lowest point of your home will eventually spill over into your living quarters. Birmingham's hot and humid climate makes crawling your home an even more unpleasant place.    Show Source Texts

They will recommend the best crawling solution to suit the specific needs of your home. They will use top-notch solutions for your renovation and their job will not be completed until you are 100% satisfied with the job. Therefore, if you decide to proceed with a renovation project, we will work on planning your renovation with one of our highly trained erection teams. We also offer a variety of service and repair options to protect our business and your home.    Show Source Texts

We have been serving clients in these areas since 2013 and have hundreds of satisfied clients. Here at Crawl Pros, we serve clients in Seattle, Southwest Washington, Tacoma, Portland and Spokane.    Show Source Texts

Our team has many years of experience in ground floor water protection and we install the best products in the industry. Our employees encapsulating your walk-around space have received extensive training and certification from Basement Systems Inc., the world's largest network of basement and basement waterproofing contractors. Your guys at Crawl Space did the job on time, for the price they told us, and cleaned it up very well.    Show Source Texts

They found that covering the vents and encapsulating walls and floors with thick plastic sheeting actually creates a better, drier, cleaner crawling environment, making homes more energy efficient with better indoor air quality. CleanSpace vent caps and an EverLast crawl door have been added to complete the encapsulation.    Show Source Texts

We then installed 3 inches of closed cell aerosol foam at the edge of the joist and perimeter walls to ensure that the crawl space was effectively sealed and insulated. We then installed CleanSpace on the ground and walls to keep moisture from seeping through the ground. To prevent stagnation of water, drainage trenches were arranged along the inner perimeter of the foundation walls. He also installed the EZ Flow System, which traps water entering the crawl through the foundation walls and drains the SmartSump system.    Show Source Texts

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