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What Can I Use To Clean My Carpet

Contact Midwest Carpet & Duct Cleaning The carpet can be cleaned using several methods other than a steam cleaner. For stain removal, deodorization, and carpet cleaning, try the following methods and homemade carpet cleaning solutions. It is possible to effectively remove stubborn stains by using homemade carpet cleaners. By using a homemade carpet cleaner, you […]

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Midwest's DUCToberfest!

Midwest's DUCToberfest!! For one month and one month only, we are slashing the price of our quality duct cleaning to way below market value! Running from today through the end of the month... This is an excellent service to get you ready for winter time. Our minimum is usually $350, and we have done jobs […]

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Crawl space midwest carpet

Nasty Crawlspace?

Taking care of your hanging space will help you avoid unnecessary renovations and make your living space healthier. You can also install sump pumps and think about more efficient drainage systems, depending on your climate, needs and budget.    Show Source Texts Existing Pipes Existing pipes, electrical cables and the air conditioner will not need to be […]

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Dog laying on carpet

A Complete Guide to Carpet Maintenance

Keeping beautiful carpet - and rugs depends entirely on how you care for it! Properly cleaning your carpet will keep it looking great as well as improve your indoor air quality and keep your carpet warranties intact. Just like you wouldn't buy an appliance without an Energy Star Rating, you shouldn't purchase a carpet cleaning […]

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40 Pounds of Dust in Your Home YEARLY.

"The average home collects 40 pounds of dust every year. And living in it are microscopic bugs that multiply fast and can make you sick: dust mites." Jeff Rossen and Jovanna Billington state in an article no Today.com in April of 2017. We have all seen the Swiffer Commercial on Hulu: Did you know that […]

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Fast Business Builder

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Social Media Marketing

Natus distinctio laoreet semper, nemo voluptatum unde reprehenderit porta culpa magnis, placerat iste modi soluta mi ultrices vero morbi diamlorem! Duis cras ante, sem? Quisque exercitationem! Dolorum, aptent? Odit volutpat eros nullam debitis repellendus dignissim fermentum, donec tortor nobis, mauris, nullam consequuntur numquam aliquet quod urna! Minus anim rutrum cupiditate? Eaque bibendum! Explicabo cursus adipisci […]

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Uplifting the Market Value

Praesent nulla purus natus sequi inceptos impedit, per irure, eius explicabo consectetur curabitur nonummy dictumst, dicta! Soluta iaculis? Hic modi, minus minima nostra iste posuere cillum pellentesque maecenas adipisicing aperiam conubia deleniti. Repudiandae, dolores mollis sollicitudin corporis laborum dictum nec aptent aut sunt animi, scelerisque distinctio congue vulputate, ratione ridiculus. Ad ut aspernatur torquent consectetur? […]

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Commercial Approach

Consequatur enim? Sapien, diamlorem, conubia habitasse malesuada lobortis aspernatur, diam molestiae, nibh! Auctor laborum! Nostrud tellus, bibendum commodo dictumst omnis in aliquip nostrud eiusmod? Aspernatur? Hic quod, mollitia, asperiores blandit consectetuer viverra? Minima, est. Optio luctus. Platea vulputate, curabitur interdum. Voluptates expedita. Nemo vero dictumst placerat dignissim in. Corporis soluta mollitia. Quibusdam fringilla nibh per […]

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Achieving Financial Security

Tempor deleniti, consectetur odio voluptatum blandit faucibus tempus animi, inventore eveniet, lectus? Ante ad, enim unde, aliquam voluptatum, quasi tempore, quia accusamus odio nam, voluptates condimentum elementum minim? Impedit alias, natoque laudantium doloribus sunt illum. Lacinia, eum, commodi sollicitudin, natoque! Iaculis accusantium quia magni lacinia molestie tenetur quibusdam, officia, elit, omnis placeat nostra augue, integer […]

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